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Where it all began...

Kiwi Tree Designs was created by Karen in 2016, born out of her love for nature and being creative. She set up an Etsy shop and started to sell some of her creations, in 2017 she also joined Cheerfully Given a Christian community. and has been happily creating gifts ever since. 

Kiwi Tree Designs’ aim is to inspire and encourage with designs based around God’s word. We create products that you can put up in your home or send as gifts to encourage and share the amazing promises and truths about who He is.

Where does the name come from?

The name Kiwi Tree Designs is inspired by Karen’s love for creativity that she had growing up. The “Kiwi” part of the name is based on a childhood nickname, and “Tree” is an abbreviation of her maiden name “Treleaven” as a lovely reminder of where it all started! Nature is also the main inspiration for her work, so this connection also plays an important part.


Doing our bit

Looking after the world God has created is important to us at Kiwi Tree Designs. We aim to reduce waste as much as possible for every product we send. We avoid using plastic packaging as much as possible, and if it is needed we reuse packaging from deliveries.

Keep an eye out for our new paper bags and washi tape packaging!

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